For Young Footballers

we've prepared a football pitch in front of our property :D

New furnishings :)

For the comfort of our guests, we have changed furniture in the living room, we have equiped a kitchenette in a induction cookers, and in cabins we have added baskets for bath accessories.

Wi-fi Free !

In the area of our property you can use wireless internet access for free.

Laundry for 10 ;)

The kids can get dirty ten times a day.. You don't have to worry about it - we provide a washing machine, 10 zł for laundry.

For book lovers :)

Available free of charge our household library - you'll find there more than 400 titles. We offer assistance in the selection.

Check us out !

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Damiana i Maciej Boroń
Wicie, ul. Słoneczna 26C
76-150 Darłowo, Poland
+48 795 418 952


Bike Trails

Many scenic bike paths allows to familiarize with the surroundings and beautiful spots of Wicie and Darłowo community. Particularly charming is the cycle route from the Darłówko throughout Wicie to Jarosławiec, even on hot days, sheltered by oak and pine trees paths allows you for active holidays.

Trasa rowerowa Trasa rowerowa

Amber Museum in Jarosławiec

In nearby Jarosławiec you can see the first amber museum in our region. The museum offers entrance deep into the ancient, amber forest, where you can learn about the history of amber formation. We have the ability to go into the ground to the amber mines and move into the world closed in amber inclusions. In the musesum you will find a large collection of amber from local amber craftsmans. Just 7 miles from our cottages.

Muzeum Muzeum

The Museum Albrecht's Croft in Swołowo

ZagrodaAlbrecht's Croft in Swołowo shows reconstruction of the rich Pomeranian peasant's croft from the beginning of XX century. Swołowo village is known as the Capitol of the Checked-Houses-Land and also as a European Village of Cultural Heritage. Albrecht's Croft belongs to the Museum of the Middle Pomerania in Słupsk.

Great atmosphere, learning the history and cultivation of Polish traditions, as well as fairs, festivals, craftsmen's shows and workshops. Welcome.

More info, opening times and price list on www

Movable bridge in Darłówko

MostA notable attraction is a movable bridge over the Wieprza river connecting Darłówko East with Darłówko West. The bridge is named after Captain Witold Hubert and is only available for pedestrian traffic, was built in 1988 in place of the old drawbridge. The only such structure in Poland and the sight of the moving parts of the bridge and passing ships, make the bridge a famous tourist attraction in the municipality Darłowo.

Water Park Panorama Morska in Jarosławiec

It's in Jarosławiec, 8 km from Wicie. Just 350 meters from The Baltic Sea you can use water recreation complex with many outside swimming pools - that's about 1500 m2 of water area together. Swimming pools offer heated water from 24th April till 7th October. Remember to try wild river swimming pool, swimming pool with waves or cave with waterfalls.

Aquapark Aquapark

Opening times and price list on www

Water Park Jan

Only one in Pomerania Baltic water recreation complex with sea water. It's in Darłowo, just 10 km from Wicie.

Park wodny
  • Sport swimming pool (25m x 12,5m)
  • Big recreation swimming pool
  • Small recreation swimming pool, connected to the outdoor pool
  • Swimming pool for children
  • Wild river and two slides 104 m i 70 m TURBO
  • Two internal slides
  • Sauna and Jacuzzi
  • Fitness center
  • Restaurants
  • Bowling alley and a shooting range

Opening times and price list on www

Water tram

During the summer between the bridge in center of Darłówko and Darłowo city cruise the water tram. Cruising is enjoyable way of communication and an excellent opportunity to admire the beauty of natural riverbanks of Wieprza river.

Tramwaj wodny Tramwaj wodny


PortFrom Darłówko port - only 10 km away from Wicie - you can go on sea journey with cutter or stylized ship. For seekers of more powerful experience it is possible to go on cod fishing on the high seas.

Cistercian Route

Throughout municipality Darłowo runs route between monasteries of the Cistercian. The route was established in 1990 with the decision of the Council of Europe to integrate old and new centers of Cistercian life. The trail leads through numerous religious monuments, shows the old fishing villages and farm buildings.

Kościół Kościół Tablica